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Mary’s Mountian Cookie Frisco Menu

Mary’s Mountain Cookie’s Frisco Menu is made up of two styles of cookies, Classics and Specialties. We have some which will always be on our menu and others which rotate. For the most accurate menu items always call the store at 972-987-5160. This will ensure you know the updated Mary’s Mountain Cookies Frisco Menu.

Ordering from Mary’s Mountain Cookies Frisco is simple and easy with our product website. However, to ensure you have the best selection it is always best to call the store for our full menu and other benefits. We have in-store and call-in promotions that we apply which are not found online, so it is best to call the store to maximize your order.


Classic cookies are flavors we have in stock every day. They are your favorites like Chocolate Chip and Snickerdoodle. Classic cookies are those flavors that bring up nostalgic thoughts when you think of the word cookie. They are the ones grandma used to bake with you on Sunday afternoons.


Our Specialty cookies are cookies like S’mores and Orangedoodle, these flavors can change so it is best to contact us if you have any questions. These are our crazy cookie flavors. These can include tropical flavors to once in a while flavors like The Opening Day cookie we made for the Major League Baseball season start.

For an accurate understanding of our cookie flavors and size please review our social media pages. We are on several platforms which allow us to showcase our cookies in a visual manner. We would love if you follow us and use the hashtag #mmcfrisco when you post pictures of your cookies from the Mary’s Mountian Cookies Frisco menu.